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What is a Computer? Hardware and Software
What is a Computer? Hardware and Software
Brian Lesch
August 27, 2021
2 min

“What is a PC?” It is a question many ask these days because of the advances in technology such as the laptop, desktop, tablet PC’s, netbook, and others. These machines can do many things, such as converting documents into an electronically readable format, running applications, storing information, making, presentations and perform many more tasks than the traditional personal computer performing presentations,

A computer is basically an electronic machine that employs hardware, software, and/or memory to store, retrieve, or process information. It also uses computer language to perform logical or arithmetically logical operations.

Traditionally, computers are divided into two general categories: analog devices and digital devices. The two include desktop and laptop computers.

Laptops and netbooks can be classified as either analog or digital. Both have an input device such as a mouse or keyboard and a processing unit such as a central processing unit with a microprocessor.

Laptops use memory, flash memory, or other sources for storing data, while netbooks use onboard hard drives or a USB port for memory. The key difference between these two types of computers is that laptops use their own internal components while the mainframe on the netbooks uses one or more mainframe computers.

Additionally, both use artificial intelligence for navigation and to control processes.

One of the most important characteristics of a PC is that it is a digital electronic device that responds to its users using different types of hardware such as memory, processors, graphics card, video card, optical disc, sound card, hard disk, or any other type of input device and uses computer language to communicate with other programs and other electronic devices.

For the PC to operate, different types of hardware must respond to signals sent by the PC. A typical PC has several different hardware components, such as an input device, an output device, various input/output devices, and a microprocessor.

A computer in general consists of many of these components working together in concert to run the PC.

One of the primary jobs of a PC is to process data. Processes can be done in many different ways, including through keyboard, mouse, touch screen, image processing, text processing, graphics processing, or other processing units.

A PC can store data in DVDsmany different types of memory such as RAM, EPROM, flash memory, or other electronic devices such as CD-ROM and DVD disks. The PC can also process data from a CD or DVD.

Computers can also run applications, execute codes, manage data, communicate with other electronic devices, and perform basic administrative functions.

There are four different types of physical PC hardware components. The computer motherboard is the central component of all personal computers.

The motherboard serves as the main processor for the PC and all its attached components. It must accept at least one firmware ROM chip and one AGP chip for each installed software and hardware.

In some motherboards, each installed chip may be controlled separately.

The second type of hardware that a personal computer must contain is the hard drive. The hard drive holds all the files and programs that a user wants on their PC. Hard drives can be installed in desktop computers or laptops or built into a portable Pusing a USB card.

The third type of hardware found in desktop computers and laptops is the hardware that performs the software functions of the PC. The PC is basically a collection of programs and software that perform many of the same functions.

These include controlling and managing the operating system, input, and output devices, storage of data and other information, application software, and user interface controls.

Without these components, it would be tough to operate a PC. The components are usually categorized into peripheral devices and systems, such as a mouse, keyboard, monitor, video output and input devices, sound cards, networking devices, security devices, memory, and printers.


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Brian Lesch

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