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What Is Computer Science?
What Is Computer Science?
Brian Lesch
August 27, 2021
3 min

If you are one of the many people wondering what is computer science? You may be interested to know that the field combines several fields into one.

The term computer science basically refers to the study of how computers do work and solve problems. The specific areas of computer science include:

In this field, students learn how computers work. The first area is computer architecture. This is the process of determining the purpose and logic for the design of a computer system.

Students in this field also learn about the utilization of information technology in computer architecture. The field is very closely related to information systems because both fields depend on a large amount of information to function properly.

The second major area of computer science field is algorithms. Algorithms are the building blocks of information technology because they solve problems by finding the most efficient routes among various inputs.

For example, an algorithm is used to solve the game calculus problem where a player has to click on the black square to move to the white square by following the game’s rules.

The third area is digital signal processing. This involves the electronic manipulation of digital signals, which can process large amounts of information. It is also related to computer systems because digital signals are used to send instructions to computers. Digital signal processing requires a great deal of precision, making it one of the most precise branches of computing.

In addition, this field is very related to signal to process because it is directly related to the control of large-scale computing. These three branches—computing, information, and signal processing—help each other to form the technological foundation needed by modern-day computer systems.

The fourth branch of what is computer science in software engineering. Software engineering aims to produce the best possible software that will be useful in computer systems. Examples of such software include operating systems, database management systems, language designs, and multimedia applications. Software engineers usually have a long history in software development, having first worked as computer software architects.

The fifth branch of what is computer science is compilers. Compilers translate languages—usually assembly language—into machine code that can be executed on computers. Compiler authors work with the compiler, producing the final language output.

One of the main jobs of the compiler writer is to check for syntactical errors, compile the output, and check for consistency. They also check the output for performance and redundancy.

Computers, of course, are not the only things that a compiler does. Other compilers translate source code into executable files that can run on a computer. These files, of course, will have to have been compiled using the appropriate compilers. The authors of these software programs usually have a technical skills background, having worked extensively with compiler tools. The resulting product of this work may help solve some computing problems, or it may become the building block for other future products.

The computer science field is an exciting one due to the many sub-specialties it encompasses. It is a vast area of study, with applications in many different fields of computer activity.

Due to the interdependence of the various sub-specialties, the field often influences all other areas. The use of software tools to make many tasks easier is just one application of computer science.

A related field is information systems, which is concerned with the ways in which computers, networks, and other information systems to work together in large-scale computing. Information systems also are useful for helping businesses and organizations to interact with each other.

One application of information systems is in the business world, in the way managers and leaders handle large teams of people. Much of today’s technology, including software and Internet-based applications, results from years of research and development in the information systems field.

Artificial intelligence is another important field of what is computer science. Researchers have been developing computers with capabilities much greater than any one person ever dreamed possible. Such technologies as self-driving cars, robotic manufacturing processes, and even online education result from years of research in the field.

Even in medicine, artificial intelligence is being utilized to treat disease with the hopes that such treatments will prolong human life. In fact, the future of medicine may be nothing like we know it right now, as researchers are working on ways to help the brain function better so that it can respond to its surroundings.

All of these fields have proven over time that what is computer science may eventually be how humanity increases its ability to do things and solve problems. In fact, many experts expect that this may become the most important field of science in the next half-century. For this to happen, all students across the country must have a solid grounding in the fundamental theories of the field as well as basic computer skills.

After that, they can pursue graduate programs in artificial intelligence, software design, programming, and data analysis and use their knowledge to conduct original research in the field.


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Brian Lesch

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